LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan4--6am hour

A leaked phone recording of President Trump and his staff talking to the Georgia Secretary of State about the 2020 Presidential election results is creating a new firestorm about Trump's efforts to over-turn or cast doubt on the apparent election of Joe Biden as President. (2018 file photo by Alex Brandon from the Associated Press)

6am hour -- Producer Phil in for John Carlson: Pres. Trump's phone call to the GA Sec. of State asking to find changes for the election results, Trump's chief of staff suggesting that help would lead to less litigation, a request to the Sec. of State to verify records regarding potential dead voters (voting in Georgia), how this phone call fits into Trump's legacy if Republicans lose tomorrow's two US Senate run-off elections.

REWIND: the Seattle whistleblower who exposed the training session where white teachers/staff were told that they were responsible for the "spirit murder" of BIPOC students, KVI's Lars Larson responds to the Trump phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State, how Portland's mayor claims he's ready to get tough with Anti-fa.

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