LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan4--7am hour

After a 6-day occupation of this Fife, WA motel, KVI's Phil Vandervort discusses how many of the 20 homeless people occupying 16 motel rooms actually accepted the offer of shelter. (Photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- Producer Phil in for John Carlson: how the city of Fife finally halted the occupation of a motel by homeless housing activists, why the motel occupation last week was extortion, a Chicago Teacher's Union official is busted for opposing a return to in-class learning while she's on vacation in sunny Puerto Rico,

So how many out of 20 homeless people at that Fife motel last week actually accepted shelter?, the obstinate reason the activist group "Tacoma Housing Now" gave for why most didn't accept shelter, the activist groupdoxxed the City Manager and released his personal cell phone # on social media to bully and intimidate; why are local minimum wage rates going up when the state is in economic stall?, NYC mayor dances with wife in empty Times Square on NYE drawing the ire of a CNN telecast co-host and most of the entire nation.

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