LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan5--8am hour

BURLINGTON, Wash.—A Burlington restaurant owner is challenging the state after his restaurant was warned to shut-down for using an open-air section as outdoor dining, as officials say it violates coronavirus restrictions. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- John Carlson returns: two Western WA restaurants feel the wrath of Gov. Inslee's 'one-size fits all' virus restrictions, one case embodies the 'guilty until proven innocent' approach of the WA L&I, consider all of the outside (and outsized) influence on today's US Senate run-off election in Georgia, nearly 1/3rd of $1 billion is being spent on these two Senate races, KVI callers sound off on the Olympia Democrats attempts to dismantle "three strikes" law and the Gov. Inslee's extreme restrictions on restaurants, new Forbes story assess why so many health care/medical workers are declining to take the COVID vaccine right now even though they're eligible, 50% of nurses at one Houston hospital declined the vaccine, half of NYC firefighters have declined it, its happening in multiple states at various venues.

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