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OLYMPIA, Wash. — Nearly a hundred people were able to get within feet of the front door of the Governor’s Mansion after protesters breeched the fencing that surrounds the property Wednesday afternoon. Watch started out as a peaceful rally on the steps of the State Capitol by more than 400 supporters of President Trump, turned tenuous after they marched to the front gate of the mansion 200 yards away. (Photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- pro-Trump supporters did yesterday what we've been condemning about the political left-wing (anti-police/Anti-fa/BLM/Black-bloc) for most of 2020, GUEST: St. Sen. Doug Ericksen condemns the violence but examines the anger from Trump supporters, Ericksen points to dysfunction in voting among swing states, notes the uncertainty involved in any street fight/street protest, why is WA Legislature locking out the public during upcoming session (next week) while no other states are being so restrictive?, a pro-Trump State Senator from Enumclaw WA condemns using guns as a prop during breach at governor's mansion, the video clip of the Trump supporter holding a rifle threatening a Daily Olympian news reporter,

the inimitable political savant Victor Davis Hanson talks about consistency of condemning political violence and antagonization on both sides of the political spectrum, applying basic logic to forcing out Trump via the 25th Amendment, assessing what Trump's legacy will be for the Republican Party; considering Trump's achievements (defeating Hillary Clinton, revamping NATO, helping Israel, the roaring economy, confronting China, Operation Warp Speed) will he be remembered for any of those things after the last two months?

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