LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July15--7am hour

A memorial to honor fallen Bothell Police officer, Jonathan Shoop, grows outside the Bothell Police Station. Shoop was shot and killed in the line of duty by a driver during a traffic stop{ }on Highway 522 on July 13, 2020. (KOMO Photo)

7am hour -- learning about the life of the Bothell Police officer shot and killed by a driver during a traffic stop, officer Jonathan Shoop attended HS in Seattle and graduated from UW before going into the US Coast Guard, police officers aren't seen anymore as humans only as symbols, police supporters are gathering at Seattle City Hall today from 9am-5pm, Kanye 2020 is officially unplugged.

King County voters will likely decide if the Sheriff remains an elected position or switches to an appointed position by the KC Executive, how political definitions like "peace" and "systemic racism" can vary so widely, famed economist Thomas Sowell points out that the vague phrase "systemic racism" is used to shutdown political speech, an example of "defund police" from Seattle that perpetuates "systemic racism", 3 different shootings--including the fatal killing of a Bothell cop--within 6 hours across suburban King County two days ago.

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