LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July16--6am hour

A tribute badge for a Bothell Police officer killed in the line of duty this week is posted online by the Twitter fan page for LivePD. (graphic: @LivePDfans)

6am hour -- court documents say the accused killer of a Bothell (WA) police officer shouted "come on, pig" twice at the officer(s) before the fatal shooting, report says the suspected killer's car had no license plate on it when officers initiated a traffic stop, suspected killer's mom says he had mental health issues and may have been off medication, the suspect has 3 serious previous criminal cases, there's also the questions raised from a Facebook page photo with the suspect's name and personal info, why this entire shooting looks like a set-up to trap a police officer, a large union group of cops that twice endorsed Barack Obama has decided it won't endorse Joe Biden in 2020, a welcome sight in Seattle: a pro-police rally at city hall, a Seattle City Councilman tries to answer the question 'how will Seattle be better off with fewer police officers'? The suspected killer of a Bothell police officer has had legal issues in virtually every place he's lived.

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