LISTEN: John Carlson Show--July17--8am hour

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KVI's morning show producer, Phil Vandervort, examines the massive drop-off in light rail ridership due to the virus pandemic and the equally massive financial liability connected to such a costly transportation system amid a public health pandemic. (photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- Producer Phil subs for John Carlson.

GUEST: WPC's Mariya Frost tackles 3 transportation issues that are brewing this week, we start with "re-imagining" light rail, red flags and privacy issues crop up with the pay-per-mile tax (aka Road Usage Charge), lastly Frost filed a public records request to force Gov. Jay Inslee to answer some questions about $30 car tab tax relief, .

The 'feel good' story of the week: movie actor surprises young boy who helped save his younger sister from vicious dog attack, CHOP "The Sequel" emerges in Seattle (and the irony of who is calling police to kick out CHOP 2.0), Obama and Trump's former White House surgeon has a unique take on the issue of wearing face masks during the virus pandemic, why the excuse 'its uncomfortable' isn't enough reason to avoid wearing a mask, lastly can conservatives steal a play from the progressive's play book in a campaign to scale back very expensive light rail expansion??

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