LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July20--6am hour

The windows of Victrola Coffee Roasters at 3rd Avenue and Pine Street were smashed and spray painted yesterday during an anti-ICE march in downtown Seattle. Notice the death threat to Amazon's founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, scrawled in spray paint.{ } (photo: KOMO News).

6am hour -- damage and destruction in Seattle when an anti-ICE protest cloaks fascists who begin destroying government buildings and several businesses, numerous marchers bully and verbally threaten a KOMO photographer and reporter, Pres. Trump tweet about Portland melee Saturday night, Portland's police union president says nightly animus by protesters has gone far beyond police reform and justice for George Floyd, where are the state and Seattle politicians to denounce this bullying and intimidation of the free press yesterday?, maybe Trump should send in National Guard to defend Seattle if Seattle officials can't keep property and the city safe, KVI's Lars Larson says it looks like things will get worse in Portland before it gets better because of a new county prosecutor taking office next month.

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