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Remembering John Lewis, civil rights icon and American hero. Lewis died over the weekend at age 80. Pictured here in a file photo, Lewis is standing next to a museum display of his police mug shot photos when he was arrested for protesting for equal voting rights in Nashville TN in 1962. (Photo: KOMO News c/o Getty Images)

7am hour -- waking up this morning to a disturbing story of a fatal attack at a Federal judge's home that has frightening parallels to the murder of a Federal prosecutor in Seattle 20 years ago, remembering the legendary life of civil rights leader and US Congressman John Lewis, the fascism on display in Seattle from the group that claims to be "anti-fascist", none of Seattle's highest level politicians have condemned yesterday's abhorrent treatment of a KOMO News reporter and photographer by part of the mob causing property damage and vandalism downtown.

Another voice says if these damaging and dangerous protests in Seattle/Portland/NYC continue its going to jeopardize Biden's chance of beating Trump, how John Lewis the work horse beat another civil rights show horse to win his Georgia Congressional seat, how Christian faith informed John Lewis's civil rights work and achievements, how John Lewis's legacy compares to the tactics today of the activist/BLM crowd breaking windows/spray painting graffiti/pulling down statues, an inventory of all the injuries to police officers in Seattle and destruction caused by a crowd opposing ICE, the death threat to Amazon's CEO spray painted on a vandalized downtown building,

Portland Police officer candidly shares stories about how white protesters use racial slurs to taunt black police officers during the last 50 days of nightly confrontations,

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