LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July20--8am hour


8am hour -- a closer look at latest WA COVID-19 infection and death stats, GUEST: CEO of Safeology, Jim Michsel, from Everett WA says that UV light can be a game changer to re-opening schools in September because UV light kills 99.5% of virus both in the air and on-surfaces, Michsel says his company has been selling these UV lights to hospitals and hotels for years.

CNN just hired NBC sports host Bob Costas which seems to be an easy political fit for both sides, the battle over face masks gets political, the political divide is most pronounced in three southern states, the White House doctor for both Obama and Trump has some valid points about the confusion over wearing masks, 51 years ago today: the NASA lunar landing occurred, the violence and destruction connected to yesterday's downtown Seattle "anti-ICE" march, the incendiary devices used by the crowd, the patently fascist behavior of the crowd threatening and bullying a KOMO News team.

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