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Seattle Police release body cam footage showing a firework exploding after it was thrown at officers at the West Precinct on Sunday July 19th during a violent clash between protesters, officers.{ } Twelve police officers were injured from the objects thrown by the crowd at the West Precinct, according to a Seattle police spokesperson. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- body cam video reveals the bottles and fireworks thrown at Seattle cops Sunday when marchers turned violent at the West Precinct, no Seattle politicians have condemned the property damage and antagonism toward police officers, Pres. Trump tweets about face masks which is a noticeable turn from his previous public skepticism about masks so what changed?, a theory about Seattle's CHOP that emerged from Pres. Trump's Sunday news interview with Fox's Chris Wallace, when Seattle liberals want to crack down on violent radicals (like last Sunday) they can do it but they're simultaneously afraid of these mobs, a KVI callers asks why are so many Seattleites silent about the dangerous chaos ranging from Sunday's violence to the CHOP fiasco, look at the prosecution of St. Louis homeowners who held their firearms in front yard as a protest mob broke through a fence to get into their neighborhood, KVI's Lars Larson says the "you break it you buy it" political philosophy applies to Portland.

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