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King County Executive Dow Constantine plans to announce major steps this week to close King County's jail in phases once the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. Constantine said the jail in Seattle, built in 1986{ } is obsolete,{ } too expensive to operate and doesn't serve the county's needs. (photo:

8am hour -- GUEST: news columnist & documentary filmmaker from Seattle, Chris Rufo, obtained the leaked King Co. Executive memo to shutdown the county jail, what shutting down King County's largest jail with no replacement means for letting criminals go free into the community, why liberals would rather have a low prison population than a low crime rate, CHOP's example last month shows why this idea of de-incarceration and defunding police is bound to fail, statewide WA polling shows the public doesn't want to defund police, why the next 3-6 months are crucial to the future safety of Puget Sound and WA,

GUEST: writer and former Seattle Weekly editor-in-chief, Mike Seely, posted a column about the logistics to restart schools, says the "silence was defeaning" from the left side of the political spectrum about getting kids back to school this fall amid the pandemic, Seely says we need to "re-imagine" what outdoor learning can be to get students back to school, the virus doesn't transmit outdoors so use that as a spring board to bring students and teachers back together, Seely describes some of the positive and negative feedback he got for his Seattle Times op-ed on this subject.

How Portland insurrectionists attacking federal buildings are like Civil War's Confederates attacking Union buildings, new WA statewide polling shows voters are undecided about governor but definitely oppose defunding police, King County's top elected officially unilaterally announces he's going to close the King Co. jail in Seattle and not replace it, so what does that mean for convicted criminals getting community release instead of actual jail time?

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