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SEATTLE — A destructive, roving band of people broke into several Seattle businesses Wednesday night and set fire to merchandise in some of the stores, police said. The group of about 150 people first gathered at Cal Anderson Park at about 9 p.m., then roamed about the Capitol Hill neighborhood, doing massive amounts of property damage, looting, shooting fireworks, and committing arson, according to police reports. (Photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- arson and more damage overnight in Seattle's Capitol Hill by "protesters", a Seattle real estate broker says an out of town home buyer canceled a deal after Sunday's violent destruction-spree at two coffee stores and an Amazon Go, the real estate agent's story underscores the problems with the 'defund police' activists, no politicians speaking out to condemn or admonish the continuing destruction and chaos, Seattle caving in to the mob, Portland's 'wall of moms' group exposed by nightly protest observer.

KVI caller debates the origin point for the extreme political policy choices of closing the K.C. jail and 'defund police', Seattle's anger predates the Trump-era, Republican candidate for WA governor, Dr. Raul Garcia M.D. tells KVI he was motivated to run against Gov. Inslee because of his response to virus pandemic, Garcia points to a loss of trust regarding the COVID pandemic and the early messages about wearing face masks, Portland's mayor receives no love from the nightly protest/antagonist crowd last night, KVI's Lars Larson notes that there's no public reporting of 3 Portland police officers losing partial vision as the crowd attacks them on Portland streets, a Portland HS fires a football coach and the coach suspect's its because he's a police officer.

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