LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July24--8am hour

Seattle's new NHL team pics the mythical beast The Kraken for its team name and mascot. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- its looking like a scheduled riot is planned for tomorrow in Seattle, as evidence look at the cement barrier erected at the downtown Seattle police precinct, why Seattle Police will be limited on dispersing the expected protest crowd tomorrow and the criminal vandals who hide in their midst, how one simple declaration could prevent a lot of damage this weekend, the failure of leadership at three levels of local and WA government when it comes to destruction caused during recent protests, Everett restaurant owner calls KVI after hearing last hour's discussion about Gov. Inslee re-imposing restrictions on restaurants, the restaurant owner offers a devastating rebuttal to Inslee's comment about "the most dangerous 3 feet in the state".

GUEST: economist and a White House visitor this week, Steve Moore, tackles a schism in the (Congressional) Republican Party about fiscal restraint or more federal spending amid the virus pandemic to assuage voters in November, what Moore told Pres. Trump this week about agreeing to any bad deal on federal debt regarding the virus, why progressive Democrats will exacerbate income inequality to placate teacher's unions this fall, when it comes to labor unions vs. science and children the latter two will be always be marginalized. President Trump decides to cancel in-person GOP convention in Florida next month, having some fun with the new NHL Seattle team name "The Kraken", why there was zero chance the Seattle team would have picked Carlson's preferred name.

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