LISTEN: John Carlson Show July28--6am hour

Jenny Durkan Don Trump combo.jpg
CNN interviews Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan about the vandalism and destruction stemming from protests and her misguided blame aimed at Pres. Donald Trump. KVI's John Carlson analyzes the latest comments from Durkan. (file photos)

6am hour -- Seattle mayor's CNN interview about most recent mob violence, the CNN video of the mayor's interview looks worse than a hostage video, Mayor Jenny Durkan sounding paranoid for her comment about "a dry run for martial law", a longtime Seattle Democrat pens a WSJ column about protests mobs provoking police officers to portray police as oppressors, the hypberole over Seattle progressives saying "laying the ground work for invasion of Seattle", missing Maple Valley high school grad's car found on Highway 2 near Skykomish, Republican candidate for WA governor Joshua Freed tells KVI about the two camps of Republicans influencing the campaign and his stand for religious freedom, the religious freedom aspect has a close parallel with the late US Congressman and civil rights leader, John Lewis.

KVI's Lars Larson says the US Attorney in Portland (appointed by Pres. Obama) is pushing back against the city mayor after more than 2 months of nightly violence with no end in sight.

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