LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July28--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson (not pictured here){ } talks about the story of a south Seattle couple that bought a fixer upper home only to find out the city of Seattle required $11,000 in permits to remodel the house. Carlson points to this permit requirement as a reason for Seattle's always rising housing prices and problems with housing affordability. (file photo: KOMO News){ }

7am hour -- Seattle murders are up 42% over 1 year ago, a 220% increase in shootings in NYC in 1 year, add in Chicago's continuing gun violence and the worst crime rates are in cities run by Democrats, Seattle's mayor blurts out some whoppers about Trump inviting the recent violence across Capitol Hill, the irony of the mayor's comments considering her connection to the law firm involved in the deceptive Steele Dossier to trigger the Mueller investigation of Trump campaign, a Republican challenger to Gov. Jay Inslee harnesses the power of Twitter to highlight Inslee ignoring the lawlessness in Seattle.

The case of a Seattle couple trying to remodel their newly purchased home shows why the city's own red tape is responsible for the expensive price of housing, the story involves a 650 square foot house and an $11,000 city remodeling permit, the Seattle remodeling permit is due to a recently enacted "upzoning" ordinance, the newly discovered documents (from a whistle blower) claiming King County's justice system "is a white supremacist institution".

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