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New documents leaked by a King County whistle blower shed light on the racial-politics driving Executive Dow Constantine, pictured here in a file photo, to permantely close down the county's jail located in downtown Seattle. KVI's John Carlson interviews guest Christopher Rufo about these newly obtained government documents. (Photo: AP)

8am hour--GUEST: Seattle news columnist and documentary film maker, Chris Rufo, obtains King County documents justifying closure of the downtown Seattle jail, Rufo tells KVI the documents come from a whistle blower and the documents (describing "criticall race theory") are circulating at the highest level of King County government employees, abandoning the push for racial equality in the name of racial revenge, why Seattle's socialist/Marxists embrace this new metric because it doesn't require any proof that it actually provides demonstrable results, for example: politeness is an example of "white culture", 8:18 the growing failure for Seattle moderates to push back on this Marxist dialectic, it obscures measurable accountability, the people perpetuating this new racial rhetoric are economic and academic elites.

Seattle news website reporter tackles tweet by anti-Trump group "The Lincoln Project"...

a CORRECTION from ESPN about the protest by Seattle Storm WNBA players as discussed on KVI yesterday, the US Attorney in Seattle delivers perfect response to critics of federal officers guarding federal property (in Portland and potentially Seattle), the US Attorney says the "protesters" dishonor leaders like William Kenzo Nakamura who won the Medal Of Honor for his valor in battle, dying in Italy in WWII, Seattle's mayor in CNN interview makes irresponsible and fanatical claims about Trump, more of the latest KVI interview with Republican candidate for WA governor, Joshua Freed.

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