LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July29--7am hour

Left, U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA, 7th District) questioned U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr at a House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Tues. July 28th, 2020. KVI's John Carlson assess the testimony provided by Barr and the questions asked by the Democrats on the committee.{ } (file photos: The Associated Press)

7am hour -- the whistle blower documents that contradict the reasons stated last week by King Co. Executive Dow Constantine to justify the permanent closure of the county's biggest jail, the documents exhibit "critical race theory" pushed by academics but hardly based on Constitutional protections, why Seattle's socialist/Marxists embrace this new metric because it doesn't require any proof that it actually provides demonstrable results.

Breaking: US Pentagon announces US troop shift in Germany and Europe but one headline is already spinning the story against Trump, an AP reporter embedded with federal officers in Portland reveals some potent stories about the propensity of the 'peaceful protesters' to provoke the feds with laser light pointers and industrial grade fireworks, Democrats show how petty and petulant they are during House hearing with testimony from AG Bill Barr,

listen to the audio of how Democrats behaved, Barr rhetorically asks when did it become okay to burn down a federal court house?, political strategist Karl Rove points out that House Democrats are becoming what they condemn about Trump's behavior toward opponents, the biggest fentanyl drug bust in Snohomish County just happened inside an unassuming Lynnwood WA home, along with $19 million in fentanyl the drug bust also netted heroin, meth and guns.

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