LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July29--8am hour

Loren Culp governor candidate.jpg
Republican candidate for WA governor, Loren Culp, (right, holding smart phone), hosts a campaign rally for his supporters in the election to challenge incumbent, Jay Inslee. (photo: the Loren Culp campaign)

8am hour -- interview highlights from Republican gubernatorial candidate, Loren Culp, who tells KVI how he can expand on the 38% of WA voters who voted for Trump to win a general election, how Culp would deal with a looming $8 billion state budget shortfall (due to the economic shutdown imposed by Gov. Inslee during the virus pandemic), Seattle's mass transit backers contort themselves politically to support another sales tax hike to support bus service even though they constantly rail about how the sales tax is so regressive and hurts the poor.

More Culp interview highlights including how he's harnessing power of social media to boost his gubernatorial campaign, another Republican candidate for Governor--Nate Herzog--calls the show to comment on the potential for Pres. Trump to win WA in November, GUEST: Republican candidate for WA governor, Dr. Raul Garcia M.D., announces his new plan to open K-12 schools for in-class learning in September.

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