LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July30--8am hour

Dont forget to vote on (or before) August 4th, 2020 for the Washington mail-in ballot primary. KVI's John Carlson tells listeners how he decided to cast his vote on a Republican candidate for governor. (Photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- John Carlson reveals his voting recommendations for next week's primary election, he lays out the pros and cons of the gubernatorial candidates, the formula that a Republican can use in 2020 to tap into votes from Democrats increasingly isolated from their own activist-led party, how he based his selection to endorse a Republican candidate for Governor, some immediate responses from the KVI panel to this tweet from actress Alyssa Milano...

KVI callers sound off on their preferences in next week's primary election--particularly on the governor's race and how to topple incumbent Jay Inslee, the sudden loss of momentum to Seattle City Council's 'defund police' plan.

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