LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June 12--6am hour

Durkan and Best presser PIXLR.jpg
Seattle Police Chief, Carmen Best, (left) and Mayor Jenny Durkan (right) speak to the media about who was responsible for the decision to bail on the East Precinct earlier this week and allow the activists to create an 'autonomous zone' within 6 square blocks. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- SPD Chief says decision to abandon East Precinct wasn't hers,

skepticism about the Chief's statement, meanwhile the mayor compares 'CHAZ' takeover to a music/concert festival, how both the SPD Chief and Mayor both hinted the other was responsible for vacating the East Precinct, but eventually Mayor Durkan took responsibility, arson arrest of 25 yr old local woman over igniting 5 SPD vehicles on fire during May 30th George Floyd protest at Westlake Mall, the arson charging papers indicate the attack on the police vehicles was planned in advance, Carlson pens a WSJ op-ed loosely titled "The Skeddadle In Seattle" about abandoning the East Precinct.

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