LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June 25--8am hour

Seattle political writer and documentary film maker, Chris Rufo, has penned a new essay on Antifa with many examples coming from Seattle and Minneapolis after recent protests demanding justice for George Floyd. (2017 file photo: Associated Press)

8am hour -- musical tribute to the mixed messages yesterday about CHOP shutting down, a Seattle cop's message about honoring black lives, including a line of protesters the cop noticed on Mercer Island, which brings us back to Antifa, a Seattle city council woman dressed her newborn child in an Antifa "onesie", GUEST: Bellevue PD chief, Steve Mylett, tells KVI that 10,000 pieces of photo/video helped lead to 2 dozen looting arrests and could add a few dozen more future arrests too, the cross-lake concerns about properly prosecuting these looting suspects, the chief's "hotwash" plan for combating future looting attempts.

Activists are attempting to remove an I-5 billboard with partisan political hot-takes in SW WA , why Oregon's governor (and WA's) is (are) wrong about the death penalty embodied by a sickening racist verbal attack on a black woman inside a double-murderer's court room hearing this week.

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