LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June11--6am hour

Activists have proclaimed the portion of Seattle's Capitol Hill near the abandoned Seattle Police East Precinct, the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" or "CHAZ". KVI's John Carlson examines several angles to this story including his first person visit to "CHAZ" yesterday.{ }

6am hour -- Gov. Inslee informs reporters at daily press conference he doesn't know anything about Seattle's "CHAZ", Inslee might be the only person in Western WA who hasn't heard about "CHAZ", GUEST: Seattle resident and documentary filmmaker Chris Rufo joins the show to talk about "CHAZ" and the activists who have taken it over,

Pres. Trump calls out WA Gov. and Seattle Mayor over ceding "CHAZ" to activists and threatens to send in federal force to take it back if the local officials don't, why Pres. Trump should be slamming Gov. Jay Inslee over his Sanctuary protections involving this criminal illegal alien near Cle Elum WA,

Carlson went to "CHAZ" yesterday and shares what he saw from the young activists on the scene, how the BLM protesters gambled and won against Seattle's most influential leaders, KVI's Lars Larson explains how a new born baby was removed from her mother's custody by hospital staff in Olympia after mom tested positive for COVID-19.

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