LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June11--7am hour

Sex Ed chalk board graphic sexeducation SBGTV credit.jpg
Supporters of Referendum-90, which would force a statewide vote on a K-12 sex education curriculum approved by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, collected a record number of signatures for a campaign with no paid signature gatherers. (graphic: KOMO News)

7am hour -- R-90 turns in over 260,000 signatures to WA Secretary of State, GUESTS: R-90 campaign organizers Mindie Wirth and Bret Bader explain how the campaign collected a record number of signatures with zero paid signature gatherers during the virus shutdown restrictions, why it increases the likelihood that R-90 will force a statewide vote in November on Gov. Jay Inslee's newly signed K-12 sex education curriculum bill, how intense the debate will be from Olympia's entrenched powers leading up to the November general election,

what's the deal with Seattle "CHAZ" activists only going by one name (do they not want to be identified)?, examining the wide-ranging demands of activists taking over Seattle's "CHAZ", how Seattle's city council has shifted even more left wing since Nov. 2019 election, how this left-wing shift will impact the Seattle PD, some advice for SPD chief Carmen Best.

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