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After 33 seasons on the air, "Cops" has been dropped by the Paramount Network as protests against police proliferate around the world. The show had been pulled temporarily from the air in late May, when protests aimed at police over the death of George Floyd began to gain momentum. That move was made permanent Tuesday. (photo: Paramount Network via ABC News)

7am hour -- examining the vague phrase of 'systemic racism', a systemic campaign of hatred against a profession embodied in recent cancellation of two well known police reality shows, the surprising results after 140 customers at a hair cut shop are exposed to two stylists who were COVID positive, GUEST: economist Steve Moore proclaims that Seattle is the talk of the nation after abandonment of police East Precinct, the demands of the CHAZ activists show that its all about a financial shakedown, Joe Biden comes out in favor of reparation payments for slavery, Moore says the stock market got way ahead of itself the last few weeks before finally dropping down this week, some valuable perspective to why virus infections are ticking back up (spoiler alert: it involves testing), Seattle Metro's preposterous decision to cancel bus transport for police officers deployed to protests or other large events for security.

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