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Raysahrd Brooks.jpg
Atlanta Police body cam footage moments before a field sobriety test quickly turned deadly. According to the Associated Press, Rayshard Brooks (right) was chatting cooperatively with Atlanta police (left), agreeing to a breath test. The next, they were wrestling on the ground and grappling over a Taser before Brooks took the taser and ran. Seconds later, three gunshots sounded and Brooks fell mortally wounded. (photo: APD body cam screen grab via AP)

6am hour -- Seattle's "CHAZ" has turned to "CHOP", Seattle's Black clergy send a message to Mayor Durkan about the SPD Chief, why this gives the SPD Chief tangible political capitol, an Atlanta struggle between a DUI suspect and cops ends with the suspect being shot and killed while running away with the officer's taser, Congressional "The Squad" member fails to answer most basic question about dismantling police, 7 big US Supreme Court rulings expected this week or next including the Democrats battle to release Trump financial/tax records, it snowed in WA over the weekend, DUI stop in Atlanta fast food drive-thru turns into struggle with suspect and a fatal OIS of a black man, how the just released APD body cam footage will impact the case, how the DUI sobriety test went from cool and calm to a struggle, why the suspect stealing a taser was critical to the OIS, murder suspect manhunt for 3+ weeks in Central WA finally ends in arrest of an illegal alien.

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