LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June18--6am hour

CHOP spray paint sign KOMO.jpg
Neighbors inside and near Seattle's Capitol Hill 'occupied protest' (CHOP) are starting to speak out about the catch-22 of criminal activity and police officers not being dispatched to CHOP unless its a life safety issue. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- Atlanta police stage a sick-out after felony murder charge filed against the officer for fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks, frustrated CHOP neighbors are speaking out about catch-22 for criminals, CHOP activists are closing down streets from 10p-6a despite this week's efforts by Seattle Fire to keep a lane open for 911 access, liberal locals and leftist outsiders in CHOP, why CHOP is really just an anti-cop jihad, the ACLU sends distinctly mixed messages about a new smart phone app they've built to record police traffic stops.

GUEST: Dave Parkhurst digs into the free speech issues related to a lawsuit threatened against a conservative news website by tech behemouth Google, the un-holy alliance between tech giants (like Google) and corrupt news media (already in the bag for Democrats), vague community standards are part of the problem with Google to enforce this against websites that allow comment threads on stories/reporters/columns, how this dispute could impact the 2020 Presidential election, KVI's Lars Larson tackles the possible removal of a statue dedicated to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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