LISTEN: John Carlson Show June18--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson (not pictured here) discusses this morning's 5-4 US Supreme Court ruling which prevents the Trump Administration from halting DACA. File photo of US Supreme Court justices in 2020. (AP photo)

7am hour -- Atlanta police officer charged with felony murder for Rayshard Brooks, why the district attorney's political re-election factors into this charging decision, now a wildcat strike has occurred with Atlanta officers calling in sick, BREAKING: US Supreme Court rules against Pres. Trump's executive order that would have ended DACA (established via E.O. by Pres. Obama),

why today's Supreme Court ruling is about procedure and not the actual policy of DACA, another listen to KVI's interview with a 24-year-old Seattle woman who immigrated here from Somalia as a teen and why she's fed up with crime and Seattle's politicians.

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