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Inslee revenues, pay raises, furloughs PIXLR.jpg
Inslee revenues, pay raises, furloughs PIXLR.jpg

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8am hour -- WA now projected to run nearly $9 billion short in tax money in thenext few years after economic paralysis from COVID-19, GUEST: WPC's Jason Mercier examines Gov. Inslee's first move to address this $8 billion shortfall, why Inslee's pay raise cancellation for state workers won't do much, some valuable context to this looming budget crisis, local SEIU healthcare workers are protesting today against a medical center but they should probably be protesting Gov. Inslee instead, a CHOP double shot!, why CHOP is starting to appear more like Altamont (sans homicide hopefully) rather than Mayor Durkan's "Summer of Love" description, Seattle DOT negotiations with the amorphous CHOP leaders, why Rev. Dr. MLK Jr warned about advocates like some are appearing at CHOP.

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