LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June22--8am hour

KOMO News file photo of State Rep. John Lovick (D-Mill Creek) is interviewed on this hour of the John Carlson Show.{ }

Producer Phil Vandervort in for John Carlson

8am hour -- GUEST: St. Rep. John Lovick (a former Snohomish County Executive, a former Snohomish County Sheriff) says defunding police is a non-starter, does agree to other police reforms like a ban on choke holds and 'no-knock warrants', says officers usually only undergo about 4 hours of bias or racial trainging (compared to 80+ hours of firearms training), will the 'no snitch rule' emerge in this weekend's CHOP triple-shooting?, why he thinks the state legislators in Olympia will act in a special session later this year on police reform issues, his advice to Seattle's mayor on reclaiming the East Precinct.

Fatal shooting inside Seattle's CHOP, two other shootings and no arrests or even suspect descriptions after 48 hours, why we need a CHOP census to find out who's really inside Seattle's 'no cop' zone, only on KVI--> GUEST: KOMO' News reporter Tammy Mutasa discusses how she was targeted by a CHOP agitator during her live news report last week, how this intimidation inside CHOP occurred on a day when her normal security guard was not with her photography team, how the intimidation of reporters is so far astray from the original intent of the CHOP stated goal(s).

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