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CHOP phase out PIXLR.jpg
CHOP phase out PIXLR.jpgSeattle officials publicly acknowldege its the beginning of the end for CHOP after one murder and two other shootings in less than 48 hours. No arrests and no suspect descriptions have been made in any of the 3 shootings. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour-- a fourth CHOP-area shooting just occurred this morning, Seattle's mayor says CHOP has to end but still can't articulate a plan to do so, Seattle PD chief thinks restrictions on crowd dispersal may have prevented faster response to shootings inside CHOP, a story about safety from a CHOP-area landlord, Pres. Trump is warning activists after an attempt to create a BHAZ in DC, Carlson notices greater kindness during a weekend trip in an Oregon city compared to Seattle-area, a Seattle investment company is leaving town for a more pro-business Arizona city, over 100 weekend shootings in Chicago but you don't hear that come up in Social Justice protests right now do you?, a KVI caller born in Burien explains why she's now moving out of King County.

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