LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June23--8am hour

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NBA All-Star, former Seattle SuperSonic center and forty year Seattle resident, James Donaldson, talks to KVI's John Carlson about the city's politics, CHOP problems, and some intellecutally honest responses to race and policing. (photo: Wiki Commons)

8am hour -- GUEST: NBA veteran, Seattle Sonic, an NBA All-Star, WSU Cougar, long time Seattle resident and one-time city mayoral candidate, James Donaldson, has decided he's moving out of Seattle in part due to cost of living, CHOP shows why self-policing doesn't work, says he's visited CHOP 4 times, the racial disconnect in CHOP, why he thinks Mayor Durkan must resign, why SFD Chief Harold Scroggins has ascended during this debacle, "sadness and disbelief" over what's happened in Seattle, the reality of bad police encounters for Black Americans won't be helped by provoking police.

"Cancel culture" comes to the world of wine expertise,

more momentum against Seattle's CHOP from various neighbors, Sec. of State tees off on John Bolton over new book and aspirtions aimed at Trump, why a KY mayor decided to pull all US flags off city buildings.

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