LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June25--7am hour

Mt. Rushmore AP.jpg
Mt. Rushmore is the rumored target of activists who are now no longer content to tear down statues in various U.S. cities. KVI's John Carlson listens to the reaction of the South Dakota governor about how any attempts to deface the nationally known monument would be handled. (AP file photo)

7am hour -- ignorance and arrogance on display with a white female anti-police protester in DC,

compare this woman to founder of BET (Robert Johnson), Johnson scoffs at attempts to pull down statues by BLM-style protesters.

Gov. Inslee's statewide face mask mandate getting public push back,

rumors about vandals defacing Mt. Rushmore illicit some great responses from South Dakota's governor, compare SD's governor to Jay Inslee, a KVI caller makes a suggestion about adding a famous face to Mt. Rushmore.

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