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Yakima County Sheriff Robert Udell says deputies will not be enforcing the face mask mandate issued by Gov. Jay Inslee, which starts today.{ }{ }He says the Sheriff’s Office has no interest in restricting the civil liberties that are enumerated in the United States Constitution. "The recent mandate by the Governor for the wearing of masks/face coverings throughout the state, with more stringent restrictions for Yakima County, has again put pressure on local law enforcement," according to Sheriff Udell. "My position on enforcement has not changed since the beginning of the controversial rules from our state government." (photo: KIMA News)

7am hour -- Climate Pledge Arena unveiled in Seattle, Yakima Co. sheriff isn't buying what Gov. Inslee's selling, why its incumbent upon people to make responsible decisions for their family, DEVELOPING: a CHOP protester lays down in the street to block a back-hoe loader from moving a concrete barrier, the visual is similar to the 1989 Tiannamen Square tank stand-off, CHOP/BLM activists keep shutting down I-5 traffic in protest everynight and last night there was a close call with a car that drove through a WSP lane closure.

GUEST: economist Steve Moore, CHOP talk, legal recourse for Seattle neighbors of CHOP, Texas governor pausuing the economic re-opening over spike in virus spread, how to balance the open economy while preventing virus spread, the collective public laughter at the new title sponsor of Seattle's NHL arena.

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