LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June29--8am hour

KVI's John Carlson (not pictured here) evaluates a news op-ed written by a Seattle tech company CEO who says he's moving his firm out of Seattle to Austin TX over the stifling conformity the Seattle area imposes on employees about social issues and religious practice. (photo: Wiki Commons)

8am hour -- CHOP fatal shooting 5 hours ago leaves many unanswered questions, one other shooting victim is in intensive care unit right now, the duplicity of Seattle politicians complaining about police behavior as the city council simultaneously fails to fix problems like drug addiction, homelessness and repeat criminals.

Assessing the NYT report alleging Russians offered bounty for dead US soldiers in Afghanistan, Iran wants Pres. Trump arrested by Interpol, a Seattle tech company CEO is taking his company to Texas for new reasons, a Seattle tech CEO will move the company to Texas in part due to "hostilities" in Seattle and San Fransciso, the atmosphere of social and intellectual conformity on the West Coast; the surprising song inside John Carlson's head during his weekend motorcyle ride, Irony Alert: 3 Minneapolis city council members want taxpayer funded personal security after their vote to dismantle city police department.

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