LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Juneteenth--6am hour

Portland OR protest GW statue PIXLR.jpg
KVI's John Carlson and Lars Larson discuss the activists who set fire to the head of a George Washington statue in Portland OR. (photo: @MrAndyNgo)

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6am hour -- Happy Juneteenth!, a new case of bullying and intimidation inside Seattle's CHOP, the physical threat on a man who was live-streaming video from Cal Anderson Park, how CHOP organizers failed to rectify this lawless situation, Portland's mayor quickly orders take down of attempted "occupation" zone patterned after CHOP, Pres. Trump needles Seattle's CHOP and adds he'll renew pursuit to address DACA after yesterday's SCOTUS ruling,

Seattle's mayor shows some more virus shutdown hypocrisy, some advice for Gov. Inslee on how to seriously tackle the $4 billion budget shortfall he partly created due to his stringent virus shutdown orders, Portland protesters set fire to the head of a George Washington statue.

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