LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Juneteenth--8am hour

Racism stop racism sign AP.jpg
Protesters in Paris, France on June 2, 2020. KVI's John Carlson discusses the political decision by the King County Board of Health to declare racism a public health crisis. (AP file photo)

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8am hour -- a Seattle politician who is not a medical doctor is leading the charge to declare racism a public health crisis, the vagueness of this politically correct declaration, notice the areas that say they suffer from systemic racism have been run by Democrats for decades, is this tweet some veiled intimidation from a CHOP operative?

Listen to this Seattle DACA activist after hearing that the Supreme Court ruling keeps DACA intact, the appalling series of arrests of a criminal illegal alien between 2017-2019 in King County who is now under arrest for murder in Kittitas County, live streaming guy intimidated and threatened by camper inside CHOP.

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