LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May11--8am hour

A Democratic State Senator from Mason County tells KVI this morning that{ } Gov. Jay Inslee "is hard to read" when it comes to his decisions to allow Phase 1 or Phase 2 opening in Washington. (graphic: KOMO News)

8am hour: GUEST: St. Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-Hoodsport), we laser in on why Gov. Inslee isn't reaching out to leaders on the county level to find out why they're ready to reopen Phase 2 (or maybe even 3), 32 of 39 WA counties are defined as rural yet only 5 counties are allowed to reopen as Phase 2, Sheldon says Inslee is "hard to read" on his restriction decisions for the virus response, a Seattle political activist is vowing no budget cuts as the local economy stalls with virus restrictions on jobs, Mother's Day celebrations get creative and different in 2020, what happens if July 4th vacations are kyboshed because of the virus? look at the cancellations of big local fireworks shows, some key differences between the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of '68-'69 and the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Tesla's CA plant opens for workers today but head honcho Elon Musk is vowing to move the 21st century car maker to a more business friendly state.

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