LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May12--6am hour

King County will now require people to wear face masks and facial coverings when in public places within 6 feet of others. Earlier this month, Costco required shoppers to wear face masks/covering inside their warehouse stores. Starting May 18th, SeaTac Airport will require all passengers to don face masks as they check in, get screened and wait at gates. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- King County will mandate everyone wear face masks in public if you can't stay 6-feet apart, the face mask dilemma/confusion continues, a Starbucks story as their stores re-open but require on-line ordering, why the Carlson family plans to merge Mothers Day and Fathers Day this year, several cities and Tacoma and Bellevue are the latest to cancel 4th of July celebrations/fireworks, deconstructing Trump's blunt response to a reporter's question about virus testing becoming an international competition, yesterday's purported dust-up with a CBS reporter shows how disingenuous and duplicitous the WH press corps is, notice how the reporter tried to make it about herself rather than the Q&A.

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