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Ahmaud Arbery Justice for Amaud sign.jpg
Protesters in this undated AP file photo show their support for a Brunswick, GA man, Ahmaud Arbery, who was killed in the street after a confrontation with two men who are now charged with his murder from the February 23, 2020 encounter. KVI's John Carlson discusses the legal and racial components of this evolving case.{ }

7am hour -- 40 years ago Mt. St. Helens (just before she erupted), the forgotten HBO docu-drama one year later, KVI caller on the economic crush hurting those approaching retirement, Meet The Press deceptively edits clip involving AG Bill Barr discussing the Michael Flynn case, you'd expect the MtP shenanigans from a Schumer or Pelosi but it shows (again) the DC news media are the opposition party, Canadian rocker's post criticizing China's involvement in virus spread has social justice types crying racism.

Sad news for local radio history as DJ Charlie Brown dies, the Ahmaud Arbery murder video appears to be a crime but charges took almost three months, the dysfunction in the local D.A.'s office regarding the investigation, a KVI caller defends the two suspects which sparks an on-air debate about the merits of the case (and Georgia law).

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