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Biden Michael Flynn unmasking docs.jpg
Joe Biden's name appears on the list in the top of this picture of Obama Administration officials who requested the unmasking of Trump's incoming National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, when the then unknown American was found on a phone call with a Ukranian leader during the transition period between the two Presidential administrations in 2016-2017. (Photo: Associated Press)

8:05am -- GUEST: former WA Attorney General, Rob McKenna, evaluates the Joe Biden/Michael Flynn revelation made yesterday, the top Obama Administration officials who unmasked Trump's incoming NSA , why so many Obama officials took part, McKenna says there doesn't appear to be a national security basis for requesting Flynn's phone call be revealed, Rep. Adam Schiff's connection to the 'un-maskers', how Obama's UN Ambassador lied before Congress about the un-masking, King County Executive pats himself on the back for funding night club owners, CNN includes Greta Thunberg on a virus pandemic town hall panel, REPLAY: Port of Seattle officer Greg Anderson, GUEST: Salvation Army Col. Bill Dickinson charity fundraiser for Sinclair Cares to help those hurt and caught in virus economic shutdown, some WA haristylists seem to be intent on delaying re-opening of salons and barber shops until July, turns out they're making more money collecting un-employment.

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