LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May15--8am hour

A spokesperson for Governor Jay Insleeā€™s office told KOMO News Thursday the casinos would be slated to re-open as part of Phase 3 if they were not on tribal land. (Photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- Gov. Inslee shows that he's a hardliner when it comes to small business owners but a big softy when it comes to politically influential tribal nations, GUEST: R-90 campaign organizer, Mindie Wirth, says volunteers are increasing their intensity and network to collect signatures as restrictions remain in place, says 120 sites will conduct drive-through signing events, they have less than 3 weeks to submit the petitions, some wisdom from Ronald Reagan about knowing when you have public support, how Gov. Inslee is moving the goal posts on when its time to re-open the economy, Stanford University research on lethality of COVID-19 virus is a lot different than WHO estimates, those WHO estimates are still being cited by various public health officials to validate closures/restrictions, let's look at the stats for WA, new antibody testing shows virus hit WA (and the U.S.) in December--not January as previously believed.

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