LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May18--6am hour

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KVI's John Carlson (not pictured here) provides a news update on the story of Tara Reade who has become prominent for her 1993 sexual assault claim against former Vice-President and expected presidential nominee,{ } Joe Biden. (photo: MSNBC screen shot)

6am hour -- a Clarence Thomas doc airs tonight on PBS, it was in theaters when virus shutdown prevented people from seeing it; Trump's HHS Sec. supports localized determinations to re-open, half of US counties have zero virus deaths, 60% of all virus deaths in 2% of America's counties (including King County), 2/3rds of WA counties have 3 or fewer deaths total, King County's mask (face covering) rule starts today, four Seattle families resisted an order by a city parks official to leave a tennis court over the weekend, James Woods delivers blunt but accurate tweet about Presidential election...

GUEST: political strategist and co-founder of, Randy Pepple, assess the most prominent 2020 election match-ups after candidate filing closed on Friday, he says AG and WA schools superintendent will provide tight races, 27 candidates filed for governor to battle Jay Inslee, the Democratic challenger to Pierce County's Republican executive was a surprise, Matt Shea did NOT file for re-election in the Spokane Valley; new Politico report about Biden's accuser, Tara Reade, shows a pattern of financial schemes/scam, her pattern of deception in this Politico story would seem to hurt her claim against Biden.

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