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FILE Photo--March 17, 2020. On Monday May 18, 2020,{ } UW Medicine announced furloughs one-to eight-week furloughs for 1,500 professional staff due to the virus pandemic in spite of its position at the forefront of COVID-19 local and global testing efforts. Last week CEO Dr. Paul Ramsey announced a $500 million budget shortfall tied to the pandemic. KVI's John Carlson examines the connection to the furloughs and Gov. Jay Inslee's delays in lifting restrictions on elective surgeries. (photo: AP{ }Elaine Thompson)

6am hour -- Oregon court ruling on Gov's shutdown reeks of politics, rest in peace to Ken Osmond known far and wide as TV's Eddie Haskell, how the character transcended American culture, Pres. Trump says he's been taking an anti-viral drug for a week now to prevent COVID-19, KVI's Lars Larson zings Gov. Inslee for this tweet on the 40th anniversary of Mt. St. Helens eruption,

Gov. Inslee finally allows resumption of elective surgeries on the same day UW Medicine announces massive furloughs after major financial losses due to pandemic restrictions, it all started with one of Inslee's decisions on April 6th, 1500 UW Medicine workers are furloughed right now due to the pandemic restrictions,

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