LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May19--8am hour

Seattle Rent Strike 1 PIX.jpg
Seattle Rent Strike 1 PIX.jpg

8am hour -- rent strike by Olympia City Council woman, GUEST: Olympia resident, writer and government watchdog Candy Mercer talks about the rent strike politics, how this Olympia City Council woman is the equivalent of Seattle's Kshama Sawant, Olympia mayor's laughable objections to two recent "re-open WA" protests by conservative protesters, where are the feminists in Olympia to protest homeless problems; more reaction to Speaker Pelosi calling Trump "morbidly obese",

GUEST: economist Steve Moore discovers some alarming items in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recently passed $3 trillion virus relief bill (would be the 4th such bill), in 1600+ pages the word "economy" is only mentioned twice in this bill, why Moore's nervous that Senate Republicans might approve half of what Pelosi's bill just authorized; mourning the news of actor Ken Osmond's death, how the TV show "Leave It To Beaver" still endures today.

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