LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May20--6am hour

Seattle Police investigate a fatal, officer-involved shooting in Lower Queen Anne after a suspect allegedly threatened people in the area with knives. The shooting was captured on smart phone video by a teenage witness. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- Seattle Police fatally shoot a man armed with knives, the police OIS seems to have all the hallmarks of drug vagrancy, Seattle used to be predictable for public safety but not any more, inability to help and involuntarily commit people with mental health issues, some virus pandemic lock-down humor about being stuck at home...

we now have 3 weeks of data for FL and TX re-opening stores and salons, public health experts are making a bogus caveat about the new data, FL and TX are on the same glide path right now as GA where positive cases continue to decline, FL and TX both have fewer cases per capita than WA, Pierce County's Executive offers a solution to Gov. Inslee's strict plan on larger counties re-opening, the Pierce Co. Executive makes too much common sense and Inslee's administration will likely ignore it.

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