LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May20--7am hour

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KVI's John Carlson interviews co-owner of Power Alley Fitness in Arlington, WA, Mike Jellison.{ }{ }Jellison re-opened the fitness gym in Arlington in defiance of the Phase 1 restrictions imposed by Gov. Jay Inslee. Yesterday Jellison was threatened with a lawsuit by state Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, and decided to close down the gym rather than face expensive fines Ferguson was threatening. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- lawsuit threat by AG Bob Ferguson prompts Arlington WA gym owner to shutdown, the gym owner partially re-opened in defiance of Gov. Inslee Phase 1 restrictions, GUEST: R-90 campaign organizer (requiring statewide vote on a 'comprehensive sex education curriculum') Mindie Wirth says there's just a little under 3-weeks remaining to submit R-90 petitions and they're on pace to reach the required minimum, socially distanced sign-ups are going on tomorrow in Issaquah, an ostensibly anti-Trump former DC bureaucrat goes after Nancy Pelosi for her "morbidly obese" remark, a new Chick-Fil-A opens in Marysville tomorrow.

GUEST: PA Fitness co-owner in Arlington, Mike Jellison says he's following CDC guidelines and only allowing 60 people at a time inside a 20,000 square foot gym, he says Gov. Inlsee and AG Ferguson are quashing his constitutional rights, the potential financial fines from AG Ferguson's lawsuit were too great to risk staying open, over 9 days his staffed checked temperatures of 800 members and none had a fever, as gov't officials crackdown on gym owners what are Seattle-based government officials doing about the spike in reports of feces found on Sound Transit light rail cars right now??

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