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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee restricted any gatherings of 50 or more people during the virus pandemic. This means Living Hope Church in Vancouver can't hold their normal Sunday Church service. Instead of holding their service indoors, people were able to pull up in their cars and listen at a safe distance from other people. KVI's John Carlson analyzes why mass transit is open to passengers but churches remain close by Gov. Inslee's edict. (photo: KATU News)

7am hour -- Tribal casinos re-opening vs. Gov. Inslee preventing churches from holding religious services, mass transit stays open with social distancing so why can't a church?, the politicians favor mass transit but not the 1st Amendment, voters just approved tax on the rich in metro Portland for mental health/drug treatment/rent subsidies, a Seattle tech CEO tweets about the pain for small businesses but he over-looks who's causing the pain (spoiler alert: restrictive shutdowns from Gov. Inslee and his supporters)

TX discovers 95,000 people registered on voter rolls who are not US citizens, there's no such audit to look for this unlawful voter registration in WA, listen to how simple it was to compare two databases in TX to find out the answer about legally registered voters, a KVI caller who is a naturalized citizen talks about this political indifference to protecting the sanctity of US elections.

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