LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May21--8am hour

KVI's John Carlson interviews Pierce Co. Executive, Bruce Dammeier, about the criteria required for large counties to move from the current Phase 1 to Phase 2 or Phase 3. Dammeier says as currently constructed large counties won't be close to meeting the criteria for Phase 2 so he offers some suggested revisions. (photo: KOMO News via State Dept. of Health)

8am hour -- Memorial Day weekend approaches but no you can't camp, another "Inslee inmate" is re-arrested for attacking a woman in Everett, body cam video captures words/actions of what sadly looks like a suicide by cop in Seattle, the man shot should have been in mental health care but state/city political officials don't allow that to realistically happen, four ingredients that contributed to this fatal police OIS in Seattle.

GUEST: Pierce Co. Executive Bruce Dammeier, talks virus testing and incentives, the infection ratios required for re-opening will be impossible for Pierce Co. to reach by June 1st, Dammeier's solution would focus on infection rate in general population (not in adult care/nursing home facilities), allowing churches to re-open sooner rather than later, need different strategies and metrics to address two different situations, why did Gov. Inslee close the Army field hospital on April 11th (at Seahawks Stadium exhibition center) but only this week decided to allow elective surgeries (which coincided with UW Medicine furloughing 1500 workers because of lost revenues)?, another "Inslee inmate" arrested after receiving early release and this time its for attacking a woman in Everett park, oh and the man admits to being on meth for 14 days,

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