LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May8--6am hour

Why does Gov. Jay Inslee keep showing up on CNN this week for interviews? KVI's Phil Vandervort answers the question. (July 31, 2019 AP File Photo/Paul Sancya){ }

Producer Phil in for John Carlson--6am hour -- COVID restriction blocks the path of Seattle's new Amazon tax battle, why Gov. Inslee keeps turning up on CNN for interviews this week, if only Inslee could devote this type of attention and effort into stopping the homeless/drug problems across Western WA, Pres. Trump opens up about Michael Flynn case being dropped, Costco responds to trolls on Twitter.

John Carlson's interview with Victor Davis Hanson about how the mistaken reports about COVID-19 fuel the public frustration with continuing lock down requirements, KVI's Lars Larson explains how the FBI's case against Trump's National Security Advisor collapsed into exoneration.

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